2017 Craft-Beer Pairings for Halloween Candy

Trick-or-treating is about to take on a whole new meaning for grown-ups. We present the updated Craft Beer & Brewing candy and craft-beer pairings for Halloween.

Emily Hutto Sep 27, 2017 - 4 min read

2017 Craft-Beer Pairings for Halloween Candy Primary Image

Trick-or-treating is about to take on a whole new meaning for grown-ups. We present the 2017 Craft Beer & Brewing candy and craft-beer pairings for Halloween.

M&Ms + Barrel-Aged Beer

Barrel-aged beers are a lot like these tasty treats: rich, bold, and bite-size in a good way.

  • Cigar City Double Barrel Hunahpu's
  • Avery Rumpkin
  • Toppling Goliath SR-71 (Barrel Aged)
  • The Bruery Black Tuesday

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups + Cream Ale

Cleanse out the peanut butter and chocolate punch with a fresh cream ale; these two are better together.

  • Carton Brewing Café Y' Churro
  • Neshaminy Creek Croydon Cream Ale
  • Stoneyard Brewing Toasted Coconut Kareem Ale
  • Full Sail Brewery Session Cream

Starburst + Saison

The perfect outdoor treat for your candy hangover, these two complement each other with a juicy blast, followed by a nice estery palate cleanser.

  • Side Project Tête De Cuvée
  • Boulevard Brewing Tank 7
  • Firestone Walker Opal
  • Hill Farmstead Clover

Hot Tamales + IPA

Have some hops to cut the heat in these sweet, spicy candies. Go for an IPA that’s more on the floral side (as opposed to the piney or citrusy side).

  • Tree House JJJULIUSSS
  • Trillium Melcher Street
  • Tired Hands Milksaint Fiver
  • La Cumbre Brewing Co. Elevated IPA

Candy Corn + Light Lager

Tame the intensity of the sugar of candy corn with a smooth, dry-finishing lager that will also bring out the candy’s caramel flavors.

  • Fieldwork Shower Beer
  • Iron Duke Generosity
  • Bottle Logic Ginga Gaiden
  • Short's Brewing Citra Local's

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bars + Milk Stout

Pair milk chocolate Hershey’s bars with a smooth, full-bodied milk stout. The added lactose in the beer will enhance the creaminess of the chocolate. Try these milk stouts for starters:

  • Pipeworks The End of Days (Barrel Aged)
  • Night Shift El Lechedor
  • The Veil Hornswoggler
  • Terrapin Moo-HooChiato

Carmel Apple Suckers + Cider

Choose the dry, fruit flavors to accentuate that apple acidity and extra sweetness of these suckers.

  • Ciderboys First Press
  • Foggy Ridge First Fruits
  • Angry Orchard Muse
  • Woodchuck Belgian White

Pop Rocks + Funky, Sour Beer

Attenuate the tartness and effervescence of Pop Rocks with a funky, sour ale. This combination will finish nice and dry and leave your tongue tingling.

  • Alpine Chez Monus
  • American Solera Foeder Cerise
  • Great Notion Blueberry Muffin
  • Green Man Bootsy

Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Kisses + Raspberry Ale

Try Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Kisses with the crispness and the tartness of a Belgian-style ale with raspberries or a raspberry wheat ale.

  • Funkwerks Belgian-Style Raspberry Provincial Ale
  • New Glarus Brewing Co. Raspberry Tart
  • Mad Anthony Brewing Co. Ruby Raspberry Wheat
  • Breakwater Brewing Co. Raspberry Creek

Butterfinger Bars + Bock

A traditional German-style bock is a lot like this popular candy bar: dark in color, with sweet caramel aromas and rich, roasty malt flavors. Try these beers with Butterfingers:

  • Tröegs Brewing Troegenator
  • Heater Allen Hugo Bock
  • Samuel Adams Double Bock
  • Great Dane Pub Uber Bock

What craft beer and candy pairings do you recommend?