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Critic's List: Stan Hieronymus’s Best of 2017

The prolific author of critically acclaimed beer books and noted hop expert, took a few minutes to reflect on the past year and the breweries, beers, trends, and more that stood out from his travels.

Stan Hieronymus Nov 10, 2017 - 4 min read

Critic's List: Stan Hieronymus’s Best of 2017 Primary Image

Top New Breweries

Bierstadt Lagerhaus (Denver, Colorado) and Dovetail Brewery (Chicago, Illinois): This is how silly it has become trying to keep up with all the breweries that hit the ground running—we are left arguing about which is the best new lager operation. These two breweries pay almost terrifying respect to traditional processes, turning what could be described as “old” flavors into lively twenty-first century ones, proving crisp and nuanced can taste as new as dank and juicy.

Birds Fly South Ale Project (Greenville, South Carolina): Cofounder/Brewer Shawn Johnson describes his beers perfectly—“progressively Old School.” That’s why Rustic Sunday seems like the perfect name for one of his many saisons, a constant blend of old and new. Its spicy, earthy, grapey aroma arrives in waves, perfectly layered atop a classic funky base.

Most Underrated Brewery

Summit Brewing Company (St. Paul, Minnesota) has actually been brewing since 1986. It has become a backhanded compliment to call their beers flawless, while overlooking abundant flavor delivered with finesse.

Top Beers of the Year

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