Custom Packaging Helps Brands Stand Out

Here’s how Berlin Packaging and Studio One Eleven helped four brands succeed with impactful and effective custom packaging solutions.

Berlin Packaging (Sponsored) Nov 30, 2023 - 6 min read

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There are more than 10,000 craft breweries in the United States. With so much competition from small breweries and big brands alike, it can be hard to stand out and get noticed by consumers.

Packaging plays a critical role in establishing a brand identity, differentiating from the competition, and delivering a great consumer experience. Here, discover how Berlin Packaging and their award-winning design and innovation center, Studio One Eleven, helped four brands succeed with impactful and effective custom packaging solutions.

A Bespoke Bottle for Veza Sur

Studio One Eleven strives to create design solutions that tell each brand’s unique story. When Miami-born craft brewery Veza Sur (a scion of AB In-Bev) was looking for a custom package for their new bottled beer, the Studio’s team created a one-of-a-kind bottle that speaks to the brand’s great brews and good vibes.

The brewery gets its name from a mashup of “cerveza” and “sur”—inspired by the adventures of the brand’s three founders, who traveled South America to explore its beer, food, and culture. Studio One Eleven wanted to develop a design that embraces the brand’s Latin roots. The industrial designers created a short, stout, sleek, 11-ounce amber glass bottle inspired by Miami’s melting pot of Cuban, Caribbean, and South American influences. The final design has an artisanal feel perfect for this small-batch craft beer.

Uplifting Brand Design for Cruise B Happy

The team at Studio One Eleven helped the Cruise B Happy brand tell their story of free-spirited fun and refreshment, with updated branding, expressive flavor names, and unique packaging graphics.

Playful, uplifting illustrations speak to the brand's sense of freedom and relaxation, and the hand-drawn style reflects the craftsmanship of the product itself. A white background with flavorful pops of color feels clean and fresh, while tiny bubble imagery communicates delightful effervescence.

“Everyone who has seen the packaging loves it,” says Cruise Beverages cofounder and CEO Brian Post. “The design is opening up a lot of doors because it looks so different than other CBD beverages out there. It is helping to get buyers to try the product, and retailers are taking us because they love how the packaging looks on shelf and how fun it is. Online sales have been great, too. We actually exceeded our online sales projections within just the first few weeks of the launch.”

American Vintners Leverages Secondary Packaging for Seasonal Success

American Vintners’ one-of-a-kind seasonal collections help people celebrate anytime, anywhere with a great bottle—or bottles—of wine. To create the packaging for their Valentine’s Day collection, American Vintners returned to Studio One Eleven, which also designed the company’s Wine Advent Calendar and 12 Days of Christmas collections. For this loveable pack, the Studio’s designers created a hexagonal secondary package that opens like a gift box to reveal 12 mini wine bottles. The carton’s “Wine, Kisses & Valentine Wishes” design uses simple, bold typography and an impactful, romantic color palette of bright red, white, and black, which stands out in traditional retail as well as warehouse club stores. The final design had consumers in love at first sight.

A Mini Keg Helps Shiner Enter New Markets

Shiner has become one of the top craft breweries in the country, with a fiercely loyal following. After noticing that the only beers sold in a mini keg were from larger corporate brands, they wanted to provide consumers with a craft offering in this format. Studio One Eleven’s industrial designers designed a mini keg to help Shiner stand out on the shelf and expand into different markets. Studio One Eleven conceptualized the package design, which was finalized by the brewery and supplied by Berlin Packaging.

Berlin Packaging Leads the Pack

Berlin Packaging is the world’s largest Hybrid Packaging Supplier, with decades of experience supporting craft breweries in every region. We help brands succeed in the marketplace with superior, affordable packaging delivered on time and within budget. Our strengths include:

  • market-leading pricing
  • low minimum quantities
  • unmatched selection of cans, bottles, growlers, and more
  • secondary packaging
  • warehousing and inventory management
  • quality control division
  • excellent lead-times
  • on-time delivery
  • custom structural and brand design
  • sustainability strategies
  • decorating services
  • market and consumer insights

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