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Fermentation Fascination

Ignore yeast at your beer’s peril because if you don’t know yeast, you don’t know beer.

Dave Carpenter Dec 4, 2015 - 13 min read

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The next time you watch the evening news and remark to yourself or a loved one that society is on a downward spiral leading to humankind’s inevitable demise, here’s something positive to keep in mind: We’re the only species that makes beer.
This is, of course, a lie. We’re the only species that can make wort, but science has identified several species that can turn that wort into beer. Once they figure out the wort thing, we are doomed: Yeast will outlive us all, even the roaches.

The Least Glamorous Ingredient

Breweries love to go on and on about premium barley, mountain spring water, and fresh whole-cone hops. But when is the last time you heard one build a marketing campaign around yeast? I didn’t think so.

Before I started brewing at home, I thought yeast was just something you pick up at the grocery store when you want to bake bread. It comes in a little packet, and when you add it to a warm mixture of flour and water, magic ensues. Perhaps it was the same for you. Perhaps it still is.

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