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Fermentation Management: Stable Temperatures

Josh Weikert offers tips on creating an environment with stable temperatures for your fermenting beer.

Generic Brand Human July 13, 2017

Fermentation temperature is important, but at least as important is that the temperature is stable because fluctuating fermentation temperatures can confuse and stress your yeast. Josh Weikert offers tips on creating an environment with those stable temperatures.

Fermentation is where beer is made. In Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine®’s online course How to Manage Your Fermentation for Better Beer, Josh Weikert covers

  • The importance of fermentation temperature and temperature control
  • Fermentation conditions such as the effects of light and the importance of stable temperatures
  • Yeast strains and selection
  • Yeast pitching rates
  • How much time to plan for fermentation
  • Other fermentation considerations such as stuck fermentations and never-ending fermentations

And much more!

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