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Gearhead: Foeders for Funky Fermentation

Borrowed, or more accurately salvaged, from the wine industry, foeders are nothing more than big barrels where fermented beverages develop the deliciousness sought by the craftsmen.

John M. Verive Feb 15, 2018 - 11 min read

Gearhead: Foeders for Funky Fermentation  Primary Image

“Welcome my son, welcome to the machine.”

Dry River Brewing in Los Angeles, California, is cutting its own course through the beer landscape. Not settling for a shiny new brewhouse and a lineup of core beer, cofounder and brewer Naga Reshi is pursuing the more esoteric world of wood aged mixed fermentations, and he’s finding a thirsty audience for his dissident beer. Now Reshi has a new tool for exploring the funky frontier: fermentation vessels inspired by divinity and crafted in American oak.

While there’s a one-barrel pilot brewhouse at Dry River, nearly all of the wort production happens at close-by neighbors Indie Brewing and Boomtown Brewery. Batches get transferred into a steel and plastic “tote” and either loaded into Reshi’s pickup truck or carried down to the end of the block on a forklift.

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