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How to Cold Crash Your Homebrew

Cold crashing is a tried-and-true way to clear up beer that involves no seaweed or fish guts whatsoever, just gravity and a cold nap. Here’s how to do it.

Dave Carpenter Oct 18, 2016 - 4 min read

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Brewers have a language all their own, and to the uninitiated, a conversation between two beer makers sounds like a bunch of gobbledygook.

Brewer 1: My beer hasn’t dropped bright yet.
Brewer 2: Did you remember kettle finings?
Brewer 1: Oh, no, I completely forgot! Just went straight to knockout and then whirlpool.
Brewer 2: You could try cold crashing.
Brewer 1: Great idea!
Brewer 2: Thanks! Let’s have a beer to celebrate!

Bright beer is beer that we mere mortals would simply describe as clear. As long as it’s not too dark (e.g., an imperial stout), you can peer right through it, with nary a hint of haze to be seen. Most commercial lagers are exceptionally bright because they’ve been filtered.

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