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Left Hand Sues White Labs Over Contaminated Yeast

In 2016 Left Hand Brewing Co. had to recall or destroy $2 million in beer after it says White Labs provided yeast contaminated with Diastaticus.

John Holl Nov 20, 2017 - 4 min read

Left Hand Sues White Labs Over Contaminated Yeast Primary Image

During a period of time last year Left Hand Brewing Co. received complaints from customers and accounts of off-flavored beers, exploding bottles, and other quality control issues. The brewery, based in Longmont, Colorado and the makers of the popular Milk Stout Nitro issued a recall for that beer and several others, brewery officials said in a statement, destroying or removing $2 million of product from the market. It then launched an investigation into the cause of the contamination.

The brewery, in its lawsuit filed last week in Boulder County, Colorado accuses White Labs, the major yeast supplier with selling “contaminated and defective yeast in 2016 which contained Diastaticus.”

The yeast in question is WLP090, also known as San Diego Super Yeast.

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