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West Coast IPAs Built to Last with Westbound & Down (Audio)

Author Jake Gardner
Format Audio

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In this 46-minute audio course, Gardner exposes those pressure points that can make a “lean and mean” West Coast–style IPA taste better, for longer. Among other topics, he covers:

  • the importance of pH to stability and drinkability
  • why you should watch your free amino nitrogen (FAN) content
  • the effects of Maillard reactions and Strecker degradation
  • planning a “lean and mean” grist for stability and foam
  • hot-side and cold-side hop choices
  • cohumulone, survivability, and why harvest time matters
  • avoiding over-aeration
  • the importance of vigorous fermentation
  • selecting a yeast strain for longevity
  • carefully testing and dialing in tank finings

And much more.

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