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Brewing Hazy IPA the Fidens Way (Audio)

Author Steve Parker
Format Audio

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In this 43-minute course, Parker details the Fidens approach to hazy IPA—an approach that he began developing as a homebrewer and has continued to develop since the brewery opened in 2019. Among the highlights:

  • why they still love to brew and drink hazy IPA
  • water profile for a soft, approachable mouthfeel
  • the thinking behind the relatively simple grain bill
  • adjusting mash temps and finishing gravities to balance sweetness, mouthfeel, and drinkability for hazy beers of various strengths
  • why they keep mash pH low
  • kettle and whirlpool hopping rates
  • selecting hops for survivable compounds
  • why they dry hop multiple times over a few days
  • when they add which hop varieties, and why
  • their house yeast strain and why they like it
  • embracing natural carbonation before dry hopping, instead of burping or recirculation
  • using a hop cannon to add hops under CO2 pressure
  • tips on avoiding diacetyl and hop creep in both hazy and clear IPAs
  • under-pitching yeast for softer character in the finished beer
  • selecting hop varieties as power chords and backup singers
  • desired traits when evaluating hops, such as selecting Simcoe for the Hawaiian punch vibe
  • finishing and carbonation level

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