Lilypad 3.0: Sell More Liquid with a CRM Crafted Just for You

With the latest edition of the CRM app, arm your sales team with benefits and features to help you secure more placements and gain more visibility.

Lilypad Solutions (Sponsored) Jun 15, 2023 - 5 min read

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So, Lilypad ... have you heard of us? Outside of loving frog puns, cold beers, and helping sales teams out in the field secure more placements and gain more visibility, let us give you a brief history of how we got started.

Before we were Lilypad, we were sales reps navigating the daily struggles of life in the field. After years of sorting through spreadsheets, endless email chains, and coffee-stained notebooks, we decided there had to be a better way. So, in 2013 we set out on our quest to build the ultimate tool for field sales teams.

In 2015, we were extremely fortunate to partner with passionate craft brewers and distillers who knew that we were on the cusp of creating the ultimate solution for their teams, and they weren’t afraid to share their excitement. As we entrenched ourselves into their world, we fell in love with the people, products, brands, culture, and ultimately the problems we could solve. We shifted our product to not only address the common challenges among field sales teams but also the unique nuances of life in beverage alcohol sales.

We’ve grown quite a bit since then. Lilypad now empowers more than 200 beverage alcohol clients ranging from breweries to distilleries, distributors, and everything in between. Though the product has evolved, and the team has grown, we keep our core principles at the center of everything we do.

Now, let's jump to today! Introducing Lilypad 3.0 ...

State of Lilypad from Fintech on Vimeo.

Features of Lilypad 3.0

Lilypad 3.0’s updates address key areas that improve performance across key metrics. Some of these new features include an improved homepage with a search icon. Suppliers can now toggle between accounts with ease without having to sift through the platform manually.

The “Today's Schedule” tab grants full visibility into each daily task for your accounts. This area serves as a central point for critical updates, action items, and calendar appointments so you and your sales reps never miss a beat. You can also view monthly progress on your daily placement fulfillments, receive alerts when issues arise with accounts that have not been visited in a while, and get an organized list of the day's scheduled events.

The “Sales” tab allows users to compare the previous two years of brand and SKU sales performance (by retailers and distributor) to the current year, by the whole year, or to the quarter—so you can adjust, get back on track, and create a better sales rate within your footprint. Take advantage of actionable intelligence from your own sales data!

Surveying is an integral part of account success—learning to tailor your approach based on feedback so you can deliver on your accounts' needs. Lilypad alerts users to surveys still in progress with an indicating shade and badge. This can be found in the “Activities” tab. Your reps will know which accounts to follow up with as needed based on their responsiveness.

Other important additions include a red notification badge for incomplete tasks—it alerts you to missed checklist items—enhanced phone size capabilities across platforms with responsive design built into the software, and a new back button that doesn’t kick you back to the homepage automatically like the old version.

Lilypad’s redesign features a cleaner look with sleek Fintech branding, new fonts, buttons, and more.

Lilypad 3.0 Launch at CBC Nashville

The Craft Brewers Conference in Nashville last month felt like the PERFECT place to unveil these exciting updates, as we were surrounded by the people who would be initially impacted the most—our brewery clients! We were thrilled with the feedback we received both at our CBC booth and at our Happy Hour (huge thank you to New Heights Brewing for being amazing hosts), and we can’t wait to release the full update—coming soon, on July 10.

What’s Next for Lilypad?

As Lilypad continues to grow, we want to reach all aspects of the beverage alcohol business. And while beer is our roots—and our favorite drink, let's be real—our next challenge is to explore more heavily in the spirits, RTD, and wine spaces.

Want to learn more? Visit our website or reach out to our Sales Dude, Micah Overton, for more information.