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Make Your First Batch an IPA

Seriously consider brewing an IPA for one of your first batches of homebrew.

Dave Carpenter Nov 22, 2016 - 4 min read

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So you’ve decided to take up homebrewing. You’ve bought starter equipment (or received a kit as a gift). You have a reference book or two. And you’ve obviously found the Craft Beer & Brewing website. You’ve used your acute need for bottles as justification for buying more beer. All that’s left is to pick a recipe and get to it.

So what will it be? Pale ale? Brown ale? Hefeweizen? Porter? All are good choices, for sure. But I’m here to advocate for IPA. It’s the ideal beginner beer and one you should seriously consider brewing for your first batch. Read on to find out why.

IPA is delicious and tastes best fresh.

Few styles match IPA for the variety of flavors available to the homebrewer. While experienced brewers coax complexity out of special yeasts, sugars, and malts, hops let anyone achieve phenomenal flavor with little effort.

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