Maximize Your On-Premise Sales with Bar Trivia

The “happy-hour crowd” was once a main source of revenue for many craft-beer bars and breweries. However, the landscape is changing, and event programs such as bar trivia can help these bars and taprooms adapt and cultivate community.

Geeks Who Drink (Sponsored) May 2, 2024 - 6 min read

Maximize Your On-Premise Sales with Bar Trivia Primary Image

In a post-pandemic world, with the rise of remote and hybrid work—and, therefore, fewer people working in offices—the after-work drink crowd has become smaller. Downtown craft-beer taprooms that once relied on commuters and local offices now need to make an active effort to foster their own community of patrons while finding a new crowd of regulars.

That’s where our team at Geeks Who Drink comes in. We have been the nationwide leader in bar trivia since 2006. We provide an opportunity for people to socialize and connect through entertaining trivia. We believe that knowing things is fun, and if we’re doing our jobs, everyone leaves our trivia nights with smiles on their faces and new facts in their noggins.

Let’s face it, patrons can be fickle, and studies show that millennials, in particular, expect “more” out of their bar and restaurant experience than ever before—78 percent would rather spend time and money on experiences or events than on possessions. Through our bar trivia, Geeks Who Drink has helped our customers increase on-premise sales and taproom revenue for almost 20 years by offering just the sort of different experiences partrons are looking for.

We help bars and taprooms adapt to meet customers where they are to create a consistent stream of reliable revenue through unique entertainment. For example, Rotator Taproom in Walnut Creek, California, says that “Geeks Who Drink Trivia has been a game-changer for our business. Quiz night has drawn in a vibrant crowd, sparked a fantastic response from our customers, and become an integral part of our programming.”

On average we have 35 people a night attending a quiz. That works out to approximately 30k+ nationwide, and because businesses give out gift cards as prizes, a boomerang business flywheel is created. Players who win will most likely be back again to cash in those gift cards. We’ve seen our customers experience a 20 percent increase in sales, on average, during their quiz night.

Cultivating Community

Bad trivia exists, and it can definitely drive people away. But Geeks Who Drink offers truly best-in-class content. We have a full-time editorial staff pumping out clever quizzes daily. Besides Jeopardy!, no other knowledge-based entertainment company has this kind of a team. We consistently deliver thought-provoking, punchy, clever trivia. We want players to learn something new and chuckle while doing it, whether they know the answer or not. This commitment to providing interesting, funny content has created a die-hard fan base—more than 50 percent of our players go to one of our quiz nights three times a month.

“Geeks Who Drink completely changed our Thursday nights,” says Roadmap Brewing in San Antonio, Texas. “They handle everything needed and bring an exciting atmosphere and new customers to our brewery!”

By creating questions that aren’t of the “who cares” variety, we engage audiences for the full duration of our two-hour game. Engaging content means increased customer dwell time. The average check order from customers at the quiz is $45 with two hours of eating and drinking.

Over the almost two decades we’ve been running quizzes, we understand how important the relationship between trivia host and customers is. Our Quizmasters turn a trivia night into a can’t-miss event. They consistently deliver thought-provoking trivia, with an impish twinkle that players can’t get enough of. Quizmasters often create a fan base at their trivia nights, making the difference between a customer and a regular weekly quiz goer. They build their own following, all while feeling like a part of the regular bar staff.

Finding a New Audience—with the Help of Taylor Swift

Actively appealing to people outside traditional brewery demographics is crucial for your long-term growth, and fostering a good relationship with short-term customers can have long-lasting effects. Hosting trivia nights can attract a new audience of folks who may not otherwise discover your taproom. Playing free trivia is the perfect excuse for folks to get out for date night or a hang with friends. With 75 percent of quizzers telling friends about trivia night, the word-of-mouth benefits build over time.

Themed trivia can be an amazing tool to expand your company’s reach and bring in new customers. Themed trivia offers a great way to connect with customers by celebrating what they care about, and that includes “fandoms.” Geeks Who Drink offers dozens of deep-dive themed trivia nights, one being Taylor Swift trivia. Imagine your taproom packed with more families than usual, moms and daughters making bead bracelets while enjoying food, craft beer, and music. Having a night that’s dedicated to going after a new audience can put your taproom on people’s radar for the very first time. On average, we see an increase in traffic of 40 percent on themed trivia nights.

Ready to bring a little fun and unique entertainment to your taproom? Contact Geeks Who Drink today to learn more.