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Mead by Many Other Names

Like craft beer, mead has many styles and names for those styles. Here are some of the many mead styles that you’ll encounter in your mead-tasting adventures.

Trish Faubion Jul 20, 2015 - 3 min read

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Mead styles are based on the mead’s basic ingredients (e.g., honey) and extra ingredients (e.g., herbs, spices), the degree of sweetness, the alcoholic strength, the degree of carbonation, and the country of origin. Here are some of the many mead styles that you’ll encounter:

Show Mead

Plain mead with no spices or fruits added. For instance, Moonstruck Meadery Show Mead is made from honey (White Dutch, wild clover, and alfalfa), water, and yeast.


Mead made with fruit added. Our mead reviews in Issue 6 (April/May 2015) include three melomels: Mjödhamnen Lingonlunda, Moonlight Meadery Desire, and Schramm’s Raspberry.

Sparkling Mead

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