Mom & Pop’s Wet Hops Lager Recipe

Based on available ingredients, the recipe for this wet-hops lager from Jack’s Abby in Framingham, Massachusetts, changes every year.

Oct 1, 2016 - 2 min read

Mom & Pop’s Wet Hops Lager Recipe Primary Image

The recipe for this wet-hops lager from Jack’s Abby changes every year because they use 10 percent local unmalted grain (whatever is available that year) and add as many wet hops as they can fit into the kettle. Says Sonia Friedman, marketing manager for Jack’s Abby, “[The approach] isn’t particularly scientific, but it delivers a truly unique flavor that can’t be replicated.”


OG: 1.054
FG: 1.015
IBUs: Varies
ABV: 5.2%


9.5 lb (4.3 kg) locally sourced pale malt
1 lb (454 g) locally sourced unmalted rye, wheat, spelt, or triticale



Hops and schedule vary, but add as many local wet hops as can fit into the kettle and hopback.


Choose your favorite lager yeast. Weihenstephan 34/70 is a worldwide favorite among lager brewers and will deliver outstanding results.


Each batch of this beer is meant to be fresh, local, and unique! Follow your usual mash, boil, and lager fermentation regimen. For sample regimens, see the recipes for Jack’s Abby Brewing’s Framinghammer, You Can Do It! Dunkel, Helles I Know, and The Invigilator.

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