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No Rests for the Wicked: Pastry Stouts, Accelerated

In this edition of No Rests for the Wicked—a series on extracting the most character from extract brewing—Jester Goldman turns his attention to the dark, decadent, and dessert-like.

Jester Goldman Oct 4, 2020 - 9 min read

No Rests for the Wicked: Pastry Stouts, Accelerated Primary Image

Every homebrew club has their cadre of old hands who have been brewing all-grain batches almost forever. They’re used to running triple decoctions in their sleep, and they’ve worked their way through every category in the BJCP Style Guide—both the 2008 and 2015 editions (don’t get me started on 2004).

Well, this series is not for them.

Instead, we’re looking at beers that might seem daunting to a new or intermediate brewer, and we’ll break them down into something more approachable. We’ll focus on extract or partial-mash recipes, with some discussion of how to simplify the process.

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