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Off-Flavor of the Week: Lightstruck (Skunky)

If you're beer reminds you of an animal, it's time to start over.

Dave Carpenter Nov 14, 2014 - 4 min read

Off-Flavor of the Week: Lightstruck (Skunky) Primary Image

Ah, Europe: From history and art to reliable public transportation and relaxed moral norms, the Continent exerts a romantic pull that few can resist.

And then there are all of those great European import beers. You know the ones: They’re fizzy and yellow like American beer, but they cost twice as much and come in green bottles. And with green bottle imports, you get an extra special bonus: that famous Euro-lager aroma we all know as skunk.

Yes, fairly or not, the number one thing that comes to mind for many of us when we think of European lagers is Mephitis mephitis, the North American striped skunk. Sure, European lager can taste quite good at the source, but by the time it crosses the Atlantic and makes its way to your local liquor store or bottle shop, it will have, in all likelihood, acquired an aroma akin to Pepé Le Pew.

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