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Quaffle-Bock: Brewing a More “Süffig” Doppelbock with Urban Chestnut

For advice on brewing a great doppelbock, we turned to an experienced Bavarian brewer: Florian Kuplent, cofounder and brewmaster of Urban Chestnut in St. Louis and the Hallertau.

Joe Stange Apr 30, 2021 - 6 min read

Quaffle-Bock: Brewing a More “Süffig” Doppelbock with Urban Chestnut Primary Image

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We love hard-to-translate German words around here. This is a brewing magazine, right?

So, the first word that Florian Kuplent uses to describe a great doppelbock is this: süffig. Virtually always used in the context of drinks, it means something like smooth or drinkable. Quaffable, even.

And a great doppelbock should be quaffable—easier said than done, with a deeply malty beer in the neighborhood of 7 or 8 percent ABV.

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