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Recipe: Alesong Terroir

With thanks to Brian and Doug Coombs and Matt Van Wyk, cofounders of Alesong in Eugene, Oregon, here’s a homebrew-scale recipe for the base beer that they use for their co-fermentations with local fruit.

Alesong Brewing & Blending Mar 4, 2023 - 4 min read

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Photo courtesy Alesong Brewing & Blending

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As with most of Alesong’s fruit beers, this includes an unusual “pseudo-turbid” double-mash regime, to produce a more dextrinous wort for the mixed fermentation.

For more about inoculating beer with freshly picked fruit, see Fruit Without Fear. For more on Alesong’s approach to mixed-culture fermentations and barrel-aging, check out Podcast Episode 253: Matt Van Wyk and Brian Coombs of Alesong Stay Focused on the Barrel.


Batch size: 5 gallons (19 liters)
Brewhouse efficiency: 72%
OG: 1.051
FG: 1.002
IBUs: 8–12 (see Brewer’s Notes)
ABV: ~6.5% pre-fruit

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