Style: Barrel-Aged Cinnamon & Spice Stout

ABV: 13.0 IBU: 66.0

Aroma: 12
Appearance: 3
Flavor: 20
Mouthfeel: 5

Perennial Artisan Ales BA Abraxas 2019

What the brewers say

Imperial stout aged 15–17 months in rye whiskey barrels and steeped on ancho chilies, cocoa nibs, cinna-mon, and vanilla beans.

What our panel thought

Prominent cocoa nibs along with the rye whiskey create a delightful aroma. The spice and chilies present themselves beautifully on the palate, complemented with a very silky mouthfeel. The adjuncts dance together seamlessly and gracefully fade away, with a nice bitter, dark chocolate lingering with sweet sugar stickiness alongside the dry rye whiskey. The alcohol is nearly undetectable. Very well balanced, cohesive beer.

What our editors thought

Woody chocolate and light spice notes on the nose lay a low-key umami expectation that carries through into the ultra-rich body. The sip is exquisitely silky and perfectly spiced, with thoroughly integrated cinnamon, pep-pers, whiskey, vanilla, coconut, and roast. Singularly incredible in execution.



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