Style: Belgian-style Pale Ale

ABV: 4.5 IBU: 57.0

Aroma: 12
Appearance: 3
Flavor: 18
Mouthfeel: 4

Brasserie de la Senne Taras Boulba

What the brewers say

“Noble hop session beer. It develops fragrances of Noble hops in dry hopping, which give it herbal, floral, and light citrus notes.”

What our panel thought

“Impressive robust head. Earthy hop-forward nose. Peppery citrus component in the flavor melds with earthiness. Slightly floral and spicy hop flavor up front. Moderate but pleasant bitterness lingers in the finish. A very attractive beer.”

What our editors thought

“Boldly effervescent and profoundly hop-forward in the nose with a spicy herbal and pepper note. The sip drops into very dry white-pepper and floral notes with an energetic carb and a lingering soft Noble bitterness. Pulsing with quick staccato bursts that gradually fade.”



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