Style: Small Stout

ABV: 7.5 IBU: 30.0

Aroma: 11
Appearance: 3
Flavor: 18
Mouthfeel: 4

High Water Brewing Campfire Stout with Coffee

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What the brewers say

Layers of rich, smooth coffee blend with notes of chocolate and graham cracker topped with a hint of marshmallow.

What our panel thought

Medium roast espresso with a bit of marshmallow sweetness that leans toward caramel. This beer relies much more on the coffee, letting the malt bill show off a simpler crystal-malt character. The lactose sweet-ness is there, but combined with the malt character, it’s a bit cloying.

What our editors thought

Rich coffee, golden toast, light caramel, and a brief glimpse of sweetness on the nose give way to a thin, but roasty, sip that evokes slightly burnt coffee with a touch of balancing sweet.



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