Style: Barleywine (American)

ABV: 12.0 IBU: 74.0

Aroma: 11
Appearance: 3
Flavor: 20
Mouthfeel: 5

DESTIHL Brewery Triton Barleywine

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What the brewers say

“Our English-American hybrid barleywine has a dark amber color, full body, high residual malty sweetness, and caramel-toffee aroma and flavor. The complexity of alcohols and fruity ester characters are counterbalanced by assertive American citrus hop bitterness and extraordinary alcohol content. English varietal hop aroma and flavor are at high levels.”

What our panel thought

“Copper color with a high head that retains well. Somewhat muted aroma of light caramel with richer graham-cracker notes. Low notes of black cherry and date appear with some warmth. Light pine-like hops, almost an afterthought. Very rich malt and malt esters dominate the flavor. Carmel, toast, and hints of pipe tobacco. Light cherry, date, fig, and low prune esters. No hops, just backing bitterness—it’s malt-forward all the way. Finishes medium-sweet, well restrained, with malt fruity flavors lingering awhile. Lovely beer, great balance.”

What our editors thought

“Big American hop aroma of pine and citrus with bits of caramel and toasted orange peel behind it. The sip leans a bit sweet, favoring that brown-sugar malt note over the intense hops of the nose.”



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