Style: Kolsch (or Kölsch)

ABV: 4.8

Aroma: 12
Appearance: 3
Flavor: 20
Mouthfeel: 5

Halfway Crooks Beer Farina

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What the brewers say

“Top-fermenting lager brewed with German pilsner malt, hops sourced directly from Seitzfarm in Bavaria, a classic Kölsch yeast, Atlanta water.”

What our panel thought

“Light herbal, earthy aromas. Mild bitterness, moderate spicy, earthy hop flavors, then some light white-grape acidity. Subdued soft fruit esters come out in the middle. Crisp, bright, and easy drinking. Nicely balanced sweetness and bitterness. Quick, clean, dry finish. The sum is more than the parts.”

What our editors thought

“Toasted bread, refined and polished citrus blossom, very light pomegranate, and faint herbal and anise support in the nose, all buffed to a matte sheen that invites you in before the conversation starts. The various notes from the nose meld seamlessly in the sip, with a friendly carbonation that allows the flavors to sustain. The bitterness is so well-integrated that it’s unnoticeable on its own, yet the structure feels brisk and nimble despite the malt focus. A balancing act for the ages.”



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