Style: Barleywine (Wood-Aged)

ABV: 13.0

Aroma: 11
Appearance: 3
Flavor: 17
Mouthfeel: 4

High Branch Brewing Co Augmentation of Life

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What the brewers say

“Whiskey barrel–aged barleywine.”

What our panel thought

“Burnt caramel, tobacco, raisin, and leather dance around each other in the aroma and flavor. Fruity hops, a deep burnt roasted malt flavor, a healthy amount of buttery caramel. A perfumy maltiness adds some unique depth. Sweet and complex.”

What our editors thought

“Cinnamon toast and Nutella on the nose make for an odd mix. Woody caramel notes in the flavor meander before finishing with a lingering dulce de leche note.”



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