Style: BA Dessert Stout

ABV: 13.0 IBU: 26.0

Aroma: 12
Appearance: 2
Flavor: 19
Mouthfeel: 4

Finback Brewery Incarnation

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What the brewers say

"Imperial snack stout with Philippines Sitio Belis coffee and maple. Aged in bourbon barrels."

What our panel thought

"Viscous dark void. Intense coffee nose, with maple, prune, and vanilla. Round and smooth across the palate—luxurious notes of chocolate, coffee, and bourbon. Vinous barrel and roast cut the sweetness a bit, but balance leans dessert-like."

What our editors thought

"Bourbon-coffee nose is sculpted, sweet. The sip is rounded, warming, as coffee joins the dark-malt chorus and substantial semisweet body pushes forward."



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