Style: Brown Ale

ABV: 5.7 IBU: 24.0

Aroma: 10
Appearance: 3
Flavor: 18
Mouthfeel: 5

Incendiary Brewing Company Ambivert Brown

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What the brewers say

“American-style brown ale.”

What our panel thought

“Aroma of crusty white bread. Flavor starts with a bit of clingy sweetness, highlighted by hints of toasted sourdough bread. In bread form, it might be a loaf sprinkled with raisins, with a decent chew to the crumb. Brown-sugar sweetness kicks in mid-sip, balancing the hop bitterness.”

What our editors thought

“Rustic nose with deep grain and a leathery texture. There’s lighter chocolate in the flavor, complemented by a bit of medium-roasted malt that finishes with a slight citrus lift.”

Review printed in: The Malt Is the Message (Spring 2024) (View All Issues)



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