Style: Pale Ale (American)

ABV: 6.0 IBU: 60.0

Aroma: 12
Appearance: 3
Flavor: 17
Mouthfeel: 3

Moonraker Brewing Co. Captain Mo

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What the brewers say

“Made with a double dry hop of hand-selected Mosaic and Oregon-grown Cascade. Blueberries and pine all day long. Healthy bitterness.”

What our panel thought

“Dank, piney hops take center stage in the aroma. They make the same moves in the flavor but are somewhat sabotaged by a chalkiness that blunts their impact and adds some harsh notes to the relatively mild bitterness.”

What our editors thought

“Strong modern hop nose with green citrus in the aroma. A touch of butter in the sip dilutes the orange-lychee punch.”



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