Style: Pilsner

ABV: 4.8

Aroma: 10
Appearance: 3
Flavor: 18
Mouthfeel: 4

Radeberger Pilsner

What the brewers say

“A full-bodied, complex taste with a little more hops than most Pilsners gives Radeberger its distinctive, memorable flavour.”

What our panel thought

Aroma: “Baked bread and honey, with a hint of toasted biscuit and freshly milled grain make for nice malt complexity. Light oxidized note with some sherry, and as it warms a hint of raisin emerges. Floral and piney hops, with a bit of skunk and dankiness.”

Flavor: “The malt takes charge, but the skunkiness hits up front. Some lime, spruce needles, and light floral round out the hops character and carry through the finish with some spicy bitterness. Pilsner back end, with a sulfury dry finish.”

Overall: “The malt and hops were nice, but a bit rough. The oxidized sweetness toward the end of the sip felt a little out of balance, but a touch more body would help round it out. The inviting bitterness with a combination of earthy and pine notes is reminiscent of a summer day in the forest.”

What our editors thought



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