Style: Wild Ale

ABV: 8.3

Aroma: 10
Appearance: 3
Flavor: 18
Mouthfeel: 4

Reuben's Brews Aeir (2020)

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What the brewers say

Spontaneously inoculated with wild yeast and microflora native to our Ballard neighborhood. Ferments in oak for at least a year before being blended.

What our panel thought

Initial impression of Canadian bacon and pineapple pizza—kind of savory, smoky, underlying tropical notes—and herbal, yeasty, with light hay-and-earth funk. In the flavor, moderate acidity, with low sweetness, light herbal-grassy bitterness. Funky, Brett-forward. Complexity across the board. Wonderful balance.

What our editors thought

Cantaloupe-honeydew nose, punctuated by rind and wood undertones. Intensely Brett-forward sip, with a strong bitterness that overpowers softer fruit notes. Austere and overwhelming, despite the light body.



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