Style: Kettle or Quick Sour

ABV: 8.6

Aroma: 11
Appearance: 3
Flavor: 19
Mouthfeel: 5

Uhl’s Brewing Co Raspricot Shleemies

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What the brewers say

“With raspberry and apricot puree, local wildflower honey, and Lotus, Nelson, Wai-iti, and Mosaic hops.”

What our panel thought

“Deep pink pour. Brilliant citrus-hop nose with a soft honey note. Full body, with citrus-tropical hop juice shining all the way with a raspberry touch. Intriguing blend of hops and fruit. Pleasant acidity.”

What our editors thought

“Beautifully integrated nose weaves clever hops with berry and stone fruit, blending seamlessly and hiding the edges. The sip pushes the berry agenda, as lightly bitter, tropical hops sweep away an initial sweet hit.”



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