Style: American IPA

ABV: 6.8 IBU: 57.0

Aroma: 12
Appearance: 3
Flavor: 20
Mouthfeel: 4

The Brew Kettle White Rajah

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What the brewers say

"Huge notes of tropical fruit, citrus, and dankness on the nose, this IPA is dangerously smooth."

What our panel thought

"Sweet, pleasant nose of floral, woody hops and clean caramel—orange blossom, tangy candy. Bright flavor on yin-and-yang hops-malt blend—brief sweetness, then zesty, pithy citrus mushrooming into firm bitterness. Sweetish finish, lingering spicy bitterness."

What our editors thought

"Full-spectrum nose offers clear aromas at every frequency—citrus, tropical fruit, light malt, touch of musty dank. The sip is incredibly clean; firm bitterness tucked seamlessly behind endearing fruity notes."



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