Holy Hops

What makes the hops that Monastery of Christ in the Desert sells most interesting is not necessarily that monks grow them, but that they are bred from native American hops, otherwise known as neomexicanus.

8 Beers That are Absolutely Perfect to Take Camping

Take advantage of the weather while it’s still camping season, and take along these beers to pair with your outdoor adventures.

Holy City Brewing's Pluff Mud Porter

Charleston, South Carolina’s Holy City Brewing’s second flagship beer was an effort to bring the American porter style to the Charleston market proper, while also making a beer that stays appealing as the mercury rises.

Breakout Brewer: Holy Mountain Brewing Co.

Holy Mountain Brewing Co., a small 10-barrel brewery in Seattle, opened in 2015 and immediately developed a cult-like following. Here’s their story.

The Hunt for Wild Hops

For most brewers, hops are typically purchased through massive multiyear contracts from far away farms in the Pacific Northwest. But for one rugged brewer in New Mexico, hops harvest is time to hit the trails and canyons of the state’s high country.

Cask-Conditioned Ale: Natural Flavor One Pint at a Time

Come along as we explore the naturally carbonated world of cask-conditioned ale.

Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine Best in Beer 2016: Critics' Choice

We asked some of our most trusted beer critics for their favorite beers, breweries, trends, and more for 2016.

Bugs Gone Wild!

In the right hands, normally unwelcome microflora deliver ales that challenge the senses and stir the soul—quite the accomplishment for creatures we can’t even see.

Beercation: Seattle

Seattle, Washington is home to such a wealth of breweries, taprooms, and lush waterfront scenery that you’ll want to take your time savoring all of the above. Put on your finest flannel, pull up a barstool, and let us pour you a pint.

Beercation: Albuquerque, New Mexico

With endless blue skies, one of the winningest collections of IPAs in the world, and a rapidly growing roster of beer festivals, Albuquerque, New Mexico, is staking its claim as one of America’s best brew destinations.

5 Craft Brewers and their Favorite Lagers

Lagers are making a comeback in the United States. Here are some favorites among craft brewers.

Craft Beer-Kombucha Hybrids

We’re not so far off from a possible new trend: kombucha-craft beer hybrids.

Boulevard’s Steven Pauwels Handpicks a 6-Pack of World-Class Craft Beer

Pauwels’s dream six-pack would satisfy anyone’s cravings both for hops and for funky farmhouse ale.

Brew with the Seasons

These excerpted sections from The Homebrewer’s Almanac: A Seasonal Guide to Making Your Own Beer from Scratch on brewing with basil, carrots, and tomatoes are perfect for those interested in creative ways to use culinary ingredients in their brewing.

Maplewood Brewery and Distillery: Telling Stories Through Beer

Chicago’s Maplewood Brewery & Distillery can tell a lot of stories. There’s the tale of being the only brewery/distillery in Illinois. The legal thriller of losing their original name. But the best story of Maplewood is the sagas its telling with beer.

Breakout Brewer: Creature Comforts

Curiosity, community service, and high-quality balanced beers are the focal points of this relatively new brewery in Athens, Georgia.

You, Too, Can Brew Like a Monk

Just follow the example of the monks at Mount Angel Abbey and ask yourself these nine questions before you tackle your first abbey-style beer.

It's National Drink Beer Day! Toast with the Best Beer in Your State

Happy National Drink Beer Day! Thursday, September 28, 2017, gives us a chance to toast to our favorite beverage (as if we needed a reason).

Critic's List: DontDrinkBeer’s Best of 2017

Once again we asked the blogger behind the irreverent site DontDrinkBeer.com to step away from the satire and open up his notebook for an honest and encouraging list of favorite beers, breweries, and trends from the past year.

A Hazy Shade

Haze in beer, in and of itself, is not something to be praised or condemned. It can be desirable and helpful in a number of styles, but it can also signal a serious problem. Here's where it comes from, how you can create it, and how you can avoid it.

Beercation: Finding Great Beer in New Orleans

New Orleans will always be a party town, but until recently, the party has ignored most beer beyond pale lagers. Today, as people turn toward more flavorful alternatives throughout the rest of the country, New Orleans is taking its sweet time to catch up.

Brewing the Perfect Pumpkin Ale

More than a decade ago, Mark Pasquinelli embarked on a quest to brew the perfect pumpkin ale. Here, he shares his techniques for brewing a fall favorite brimming with malty comfort, rich pumpkin flavor, and an assertive spice profile.

Pick Six: Russian River Brewing's Vinnie Cilurzo

“What Would Vinnie Drink?” His list is surprisingly devoid of the hoppy beers one might expect…

How Women Brewsters Saved the World

Tara Nurin (official historian of the Pink Boots Society) explores the history of women and beer from prehistoric times up through Prohibition.

The Best 18 Beers of 2018

We were busy this past year tasting beers that were sent to our office, shared at a bar, brewery or pub, and poured at festivals around the world. It’s difficult but rewarding work and we’re pleased to present our editors picks for top beers of 2018.

The Colonial Saison Recipe

Here we’ve used Amarillo, Chinook, and Nugget to create an American saison with a bright pineapple and blackberry flavor and a distinct resiny Nugget aroma.

DIY: Hop Spider

A hop spider allows you to add hops to your boil without the nasty sludge from pellets or the leaves from the cones that can clog your equipment. It’s easy to build, and we will show you how!

TRVE Brewing Scorn Pale Ale Recipe

A clean and simple dry-hopped pale ale designed by TRVE Head Brewer Zach Coleman.

Tart of Lightness Recipe

Taylor Caron’s beer makes a great base for adding fruit or heavy dry hopping, but it is also very refreshing on its own.

Make Your Best Double IPA

The style parameters here are actually pretty simple: very high ("…to absurdly high") bitterness, intense hops aroma and flavor (usually American or Australian or New World hops), with just enough malt character to provide some background and/or contrast.

Make Your Best American Strong Ale

Although still something of a catchall category, there are some useful distinctions and targets to work with when it comes to American strong ale. As the air begins to cool this autumn it's the perfect time to try your hand at making one.

The Complex Case of Thiols

Thiols, also known as mercaptans, are sulfur-containing organic compounds with a sulfur atom bound to a hydrogen atom. Thiols make up less than 1% of the essential oils in a hops cone but might hold a key to the fashionable in-demand tropical flavors.

Make Your Best Kellerbier

Kellerbier is a beer that merges the best of British cask ale with German malts and hops in a unique lager style. You can learn to make one here!

We Recommend Great Beer Bars in Kentucky, Alaska, and Wisconsin

Here are the three beer bars that we explored in Issue 9 (October/November 2015) of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine®.

Figueroa Mountain Brewing's Mosaic Pale Ale Recipe

A dynamic American pale ale with developed malt and hops characteristics.

7 Steps to Growing Your Own Hops

Interested in growing your own hops? Start planning now, and then follow these seven simple steps.

Make Your Best Witbier

Belgian witbier is a fantastic beer style, especially for the summer-to-fall transition, but you need to resist the impulse to overload it with spices and fruit! Here’s how to brew one you can drink by the liter instead of making wheat-based perfume.

Review: Tree House Brewing Company That’s What She Said (97)

Dark chocolate, caramel, and vanilla. Holy sweetness! This reminds me very much of chocolate fondue. Medium roast notes toward the end of the sip. Aftertaste is very sweet and almost cloying with notes of mango and cantaloupe. Rich pipe tobacco and sweetness supported by dark chocolate and cherry tones. Medium dry mouthfeel through the finish, once the initial sweetness subsides.

Breakout Brewer: Holy City Brewing Co.

With a respect for style guidelines, Holy City Brewing’s Chris Brown produces some traditional beers, but as the brewery has grown, he’s loosened up, creating award-winning boundary-pushing beers to complement the food scene in Charleston, South Carolina.

The Secret of Hops is Malt

Mark Hastings of Überbrew argues that the selection and combination of hops varieties isn't the end-all, be-all of brewing hoppy styles. The real magic is finding the right malt and yeast combination that pulls the best character out of those hops.

Fall Festivals: Fresh-Hops Ales and Pumpkin Beers

Fall beers will soon dominate the shelves, tap lists, and likely our fridges, so you might as well start reaping that fall beer harvest now.

Critic's List: John Holl's Best of 2017

The long-time journalist and the author of the American Craft Beer Cookbook joined the staff of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® earlier this year as senior editor. Here, he loosens the bow tie and offers his picks for 2017.

Weathering Changes in the World of Hops

Last summer, droughts and high temperatures put a strain on the availability of hops. However, putting a more intense strain on hops is something more dangerous because of its potential increase: brewery and consumer demand.

Killing Craft? AB InBev Blocks Sale of South African Hops to American Craft Brewers

The AB InBev-SAB Miller merger leaves hundreds of small, independent brewers without access to important hops as AB InBev earmarks the entire production for its own brewers.

Review: Stone Brewing Delicious IPA (93)

Very tasty hops profile full of grass and resin and mint with a full puckering bitterness. Just a hint of malt caramel sweetness peeks out as it warms. Lots of sweet juicy orange and pineapple—fruity juiciness. The malt body helps hold the beer, and it finishes sweet with a slight bitterness; the hops flavor comes across as fruity with hints of blackberries, melons, and lemon.

DIY: Make your Own Hopback

A few commercial hopbacks are available for homebrewers, (e.g., the Blichmann HopRocket). These work perfectly well, but there’s nothing stopping you from making your own. Here’s how.

Brewers' Perspectives: Making Pastry Stouts and Beers

In beer circles these days, ask about a "pastry beer" and get ready to receive an earful. It's a style that's not actually a style and includes beers that either don't contain pastry ingredients or mimic pastry. Still, there's no denying the popularity.

Oh Myyyyy Maibock Recipe

Munich toasty richness meets a nice dose of spicy Opal hops character. Refreshing meets alcoholic?

Taste the Freshness

Stan Hieronymus shares the three keys to brewing successfully with wet hops and the four “rules of hops” that you should understand.

Austin Beer Garden Simple Pils

Here is a “simple” and simply delicious recipe scaled to homebrew volume from The Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co.’s Brewer Brian Peters.