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Special Ingredient: Pretzels

You munch on a pretzel, you take a gulp. It’s obvious: Pretzels have always made beer taste better. So why not just add them directly?

Joe Stange Feb 9, 2021 - 5 min read

Special Ingredient: Pretzels Primary Image


Confession time: I keep a secret stash of snack-size Reese’s Take 5 bars in my desk drawer. I’m a sucker for sweet-salty combinations, especially pretty much anything involving both pretzels and chocolate.

It’s a combination I wouldn’t mind trying more often in beer.

Salt as an ingredient is mainstream now, thanks to the popularity of gose. Beyond that, there is nothing about the iconic flour-based twists that is especially out of place in beer. Pretzels are already a popular snack (and occasional fashion accessory) among beer enthusiasts. Why shouldn’t they be a popular ingredient, too?

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