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St. Paddy’s Day: The Homebrewer’s Edition

While your friends are out drinking St. Paddy’s Day beers, why not spend a day at home brewing for the occasion? We’ve compiled highlights on how to brew your best Irish red ale and dry Irish stout and have pulled together some recipes to get you started!

Libby Murphy , Josh Weikert Mar 14, 2017 - 8 min read

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This coming Friday is St. Paddy’s Day, a day that’s somehow become synonymous with green beer and glittery shamrocks, for better or worse. Now, while some of us can roll with it and get into the spirit of things (everybody’s Irish for a day, right?), we at Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® want to share some tips on how to brew two excellent Irish beer styles: dry Irish stout and Irish red ale.

First, you need to start your research. Now you might think I’m being tongue in cheek about this (and maybe I am a little bit), but determining the style of beer you want to brew is important. If you like one beer in particular, you’ll want to look into the ingredients it was brewed with—many breweries will hint at the malts and hops used if they don’t outright list them, and that’ll give you some information to start with when you’re preparing your recipe. We’ve compiled a list of stouts and red ales to try to get you started!

All right. Now that you’ve decided on the beer you want to brew and have likely narrowed the types of flavors you want to nail down, let’s break down the two styles. Before you fire up your strike water kettle, bone up on these highlights from Make Your Best Dry Irish Stout and Make Your Best Irish Red Ale by Josh Weikert. We’ve included a few recipes to get you started, too!

Dry Irish Stout

5 Craft Brewers’ Favorite Irish Stouts For St. Patrick’s Day


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