The Invigilator Recipe

Brew this doppelbock with care and don’t cheat: The Invigilator is watching!

May 21, 2016 - 2 min read

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Batch Size: 5 gallons (19 liters)
Brewhouse efficiency: 65%
OG: 1.090
FG: 1.020
IBUs: 22
ABV: 9.3%


12 lb (5.44 kg) Weyermann Munich Type I
6 lb (2.72 kg) Weyermann Munich Type II
8 oz (227 g) Weyermann CaraMunich II
8 oz (227 g) Weyermann Melanoidin Malt
4 oz (113 g) Weyermann Carafa Special II


1 oz (28 g) Perle at 60 minutes


Prepare a 4-liter (4-quart) starter or, better yet, pitch this beastly wort directly onto the yeast cake from a Helles or standard Bock.

Mash Schedule

  • A 10-minute protein rest at 122°F (50°C)
  • A 30-minute beta amylase rest at 149°F (65°C)
  • A 30-minute alpha amylase rest at 160°F (71°C)
  • Mash out: A 10-minute rest at 170°F (77°C)

Boil for 120 minutes. Ferment for 10 days at 50°F (10°C) or until the specific gravity reaches 1.035. Perform a diacetyl rest at 60°F (16°C) until the final gravity is reached (2–4 days). Rack to a lagering vessel (carboy or keg) and gradually lower the temperature to 38°F (3°C) and lager at 38°F (3°C) for at least 4 months. If bottling, additional fresh yeast in the bottling bucket is essential to support carbonation.


Wyeast 2308 Munich Lager

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