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The Ultimate Bar Food

Here’s a great snack to accompany that Oktoberfest (or Mocktoberfest) beer you brewed.

Dave Carpenter Oct 2, 2015 - 4 min read

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Munich’s 2015 Oktoberfest may be pouring its last liters this weekend, but Bavarian-themed festivals in the United States and elsewhere often continue well into October. And if you’ve followed our schedule for Mocktoberfest, your brew should be ready this weekend!

Those of you who read my posts know I have a soft spot for all things Teutonic (my forebears immigrated to the United States from Saxony in the mid-1800s), including great German beer. After a few such great beers, you’ll need a few great snacks, which is why I’d like to take this opportunity to share a recipe for one of the best.

I speak, of course, of _Obatzda _(pronounced “Oh-BOTS-duh”). Served in biergartens all over Bavaria, Obatzda is arguably the world’s finest bar food and certainly the most delicious way to soften up that beach body you worked on all summer. The days are getting colder: You don’t need it anymore.

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