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The Wide World of Stout: Going Nuts

There are a few ways to get peanut flavor into beer. Chip Walton gets the lowdown on process and ingredients from three breweries and a meadery known for these nostalgia-rich beverages.

Chip Walton Feb 4, 2020 - 8 min read

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You’ve likely noticed lately that beers geeks and brewers are going nutty over peanut-butter beers, and for good reason—a well-made peanut-butter beer delivers satisfying flavors that call back to childhood. When adding peanut flavor to beer or mead, there are several options—whole nuts, real peanut butter, peanut-butter powder, and peanut flavor extracts. Here we look at how different brewers and meadmakers are using these alone or in combination to maximize flavor.

Before we get into it, a couple of quick notes.

First, two words: Allergy. Warning. Always let potential drinkers know before sampling your beer that it was brewed using peanuts. Anaphylaxis is no joke.

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