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Video Tip: Pitching Rates for Lager

In this tip of the week Ashleigh Carter, the brewmaster at Bierstadt Lagerhaus in Denver, talks about the importance of pitch rates in lagers.

Often misunderstood but always important, Bierstadt Lagerhaus brewmaster Ashleigh Carter explains pitch rates when it comes to making lagers in this Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine Tip of the Week.

In the Secrets to Brewing Great Lagers video course Bierstadt Lagerhaus Founders Bill Eye and Ashleigh Carter take you step-by-step through their process for brewing some of the best lagers (Pilsner, Helles, Märzen, Bock) in the country. They will take you from recipe development to serving your lager with practical brewing tips throughout. View the course here.

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