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Video Tip: The Importance of Hydrating Beer Barrels

How do you keep your barrels properly hydrated before you age beer, or between batches? Avery Brewing's Andy Parker offers some practical advice in this Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine Tip of the Week.

Have a barrel on hand that you need to keep fresh between batches? There are some important things you can do and some things to avoid, says Andy Parker in this Tip of the Week.

As “chief barrel herder” for Avery Brewing Co., Andy Parker oversees one of the more expansive barrel-aging programs of any brewery in the US, producing both clean and sour hits like the bourbon barrel-aged Uncle Jacob’s Stout as well as their new widely-distributed Raspberry Sour. Parker is well-known among professional brewers as a consummate brewer’s brewer, with a deep knowledge of mixed-culture fermentation and a finely honed palate. Despite his penchant for brewing 15%+ barrel-aged stouts, Parker consumes more pilsner than any other style of beer. In The Mechanics of Barrel Aging, Parker will teach you all you need to know to establish a successful wood program.

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