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Training Your Palate

Here's how to start training your palate to be able to identify flavors and off-flavors in beer.

Generic Brand Human April 27, 2017

When we talk about training the palate, we are—for the most part—talking about learning to identify off-flavors. Whether you’re tasting or brewing beer, understanding off-flavors can help you appreciate well-made beer or identify flaws in your own.

There are a couple of ways to go about training your palate:

  1. Take a beer-flavor traing class. This is the most systematic and is probably the route to take if you are interested in becoming a beer judge or cicerone.
  2. Set up your own off-flavor training kit and training plan. There are simple ways to introduce off-flavors into beer. For example, you can use imitation butter to spike diacetyl into your beer or you can use vodka to spike hot alcohol flavor into your beer.

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