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Vacationland: Best Beer Experiences in Portland, Maine

That city in Oregon isn't the only Portland worthy of a beercation. The one in Maine is flourishing, mixing American classics with scrappy, inventive upstarts, more hazies, and a multitude of styles.

John Holl Oct 6, 2019 - 10 min read

Vacationland: Best Beer Experiences in Portland, Maine Primary Image

Portland, Maine, has been home to breweries stretching back to the birth of the craft-beer movement, and many remain top of mind for locals and seasonal travelers alike. Still, in recent years, the city has been an incubator for new and exciting breweries, each trying to carve its own niche from what has become a crowded marketplace. Travelers are greeted with a kaleidoscopic approach to beer from gruits to gose, Old School wits to futuristic IPAs, and all offer a true sense of place, so you’ll leave with an authentic Maine experience each time.

The City

Even the locals who are plugged into the beer scene have a hard time keeping up with all the new entrants to downtown Portland’s scene. For the history buffs, a nod to Gritty McDuff’s, Shipyard Brewing, and Sebago Brewing Co. is in order.

If you want to impress your friends on social media, options abound. Liquid Riot Bottling Company is on Commercial Avenue (parking is tricky, so consider a walk from your hotel) and offers an expansive array of beers, including a sessionable dry stout that is as perfect on a cold winter’s afternoon as it is on a summer’s evening. Plus, spirits distilled in house offer some great cocktail options during brunch or for that last drink of the evening.


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