Video Tip: Fermenting (Very) High-Gravity Stouts

Cory King, founder and brewer at Side Project in St. Louis, talks about yeast and fermentation of imperial stouts—and about how slow and steady wins the race.

Cory King Jan 8, 2020 - 1 min read

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Side Project Brewing in St. Louis, Missouri, has made its name on barrel-aging and blending—not only for its widely acclaimed range of mixed-fermentation beers, but also for decadently rich imperial stouts such as Derivation and Beer: Barrel: Time.

In the full 86-minute video, Founder/Brewer Cory King digs into deep technical detail on how Side Project brews, ferments, ages, and blends those huge barrel-aged stouts. Among other topics, he covers:

  • water and the importance of mash pH
  • grain selection for body and character, from oats to Carafa
  • the challenges of mashing very high-gravity beers
  • long boils and long aging
  • choosing (or not choosing) adjuncts

And much more.

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