Running Trials on Adjuncts and Herbs for Homebrew (Video Tip)

Get a crash course in testing different ingredients for your homebrew to determine what might work best for a recipe. In this video tip Tim Gormley explains his methods.

Tim Gormley Aug 1, 2019 - 2 min read

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What should you look for when adding a new adjunct to a recipe? What's the best way to test the ingredient in advance? Tim Gormley of Burial Beer is at the bar with his tips, methods, and insights to make your best recipe with special ingredients.

About this course

Burial Beer Cofounder + Brewer Tim Gormley shares lessons learned from more than 10 years of commercial brewing experience, covering everything from getting to know your ingredients to achieving balance with them. This course includes 97 minutes of video.

At Burial, where there are no flagship beers, the beer selection is always evolving. On the menu could be anything from the peppery Blade & Sheath, with notes of apricot and melon, to the dry-hopped Magpie on the Gallows that fermented on cranberry puree, orange peel, cloves, and juniper berries. In this video course, Burial Beer Co. Cofounder + Brewer Tim Gormley shares all he has learned throughout his 10+ years of experimentation. The course covers:

  • When to add your adjuncts (including herbs, spices, sugar, and more)
  • Achieving balance with your beer
  • Getting to know new adjuncts (and seasonal variations)
  • Different ways to infuse adjuncts
  • Simple + complex sugars
  • Working with coffee
  • The impact of ABV adjuncts
  • Tools for adding adjuncts

And much more.