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Zooming in on Vienna Lager, Then & Now

Andreas Krennmair's new book takes a detailed look at the history, ingredients, and processes of Vienna lager. Here is some of what he’s learned.

Joe Stange Dec 14, 2020 - 6 min read

Zooming in on Vienna Lager, Then & Now Primary Image

Photo: Matt Graves

Andreas Krennmair is an Austrian-born homebrewer and amateur beer historian who lives in Berlin. In 2018, he self-published Historic German and Austrian Beers for the Home Brewer, which dug deeper into German-language sources and brewing logs than most other English-language texts had done before. This year, he follows up with a book that digs deeper on a style more associated with his native country: Vienna Lager.

A disclosure: Andreas and I were in the same beer-geeky stammtisch in Berlin, we are friends, and he asked me to write a foreword for the book. He also knows more about Vienna lager—especially its history, methods, and composition—than anyone else I know.

So, I had questions.

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