Advanced Hop Products: The Solutions You Want with the Flexibility You Need

With Hopsteiner’s range of advanced hop products, you can improve efficiency, boost aroma, dial in bitterness, improve foam stability, and more.

Hopsteiner (Sponsored) Mar 16, 2023 - 5 min read

Advanced Hop Products: The Solutions You Want with the Flexibility You Need  Primary Image

Looking for an efficient way to increase hop aroma intensity? How about a way to improve a beer’s head retention, or to adjust IBUs post-fermentation to meet a recipe spec? Advanced hop products can unlock new possibilities while offering solutions to everyday challenges you might face from the brewhouse to the cellar.

The benefits that hop products bring to beer are well-known and well recognized, but traditional hopping methods are relatively inefficient. Bitterness, aroma, and yield efficiency all tend to take a hit when using leaf or pellet products. Vegetative matter absorbs precious wort, and leaf and pellet hops are primarily made up of vegetative matter. No vegetative matter means smaller trub piles and reduced sediment, which means less waste and even less work to worry about.

Advanced hop products have been designed to provide brewers like you with options to improve beer quality and gain process efficiencies. By concentrating soft resin compounds (alpha- and beta-acids) and essential oils typically found in leaf or pellet hops, these advanced products can improve solubility and ease of use, thus providing benefits in five important categories:


When looking at ways to improve aroma intensity, Salvo and Aroma Extract are the two best products on the market. Salvo delivers impactful, variety-specific flavor and aroma as a fractionated form of CO2 hop extract. In this product, alpha-acids have been removed to explicitly enhance aroma with little to no added bitterness. Salvo is best used as a late-kettle/whirlpool addition to partially replace leaf or pellet hops, and since Salvo contains no vegetative matter, this product can also help increase beer yields.

Aroma Extract is a concentrated form of Salvo with a higher hop-oil concentration that can be added near the end of boil or in the whirlpool for added flavor and aroma.


As brewhouse efficiencies can vary from batch to batch, hitting a specific IBU target can be a challenge. A helpful product is Isomerized Hop Extract (ISO 30%). ISO 30% is a concentrated solution of iso-alpha acids—aka, IBUs in a bottle! This product provides the ultimate flexibility for post-fermentation to top up bitterness or to partially replace traditional forms of bittering.


Although most advanced hop products can improve beer yields, the most preferred choice for this is HopFlow. HopFlow is a user-friendly, flowable form of C02 hop extract. HopFlow eliminates the need for warming, making it easy to measure per addition. You can use it to partially or entirely replace leaf or pellet hops in the kettle or whirlpool, since HopFlow contains all hop essential oils and soft resins.


Foam is an important visual representation for quality beer, but some styles are decidedly foam-challenged. Some recommended advanced hop products to help meet this challenge are Tetra Extract and Alpha Extract. Tetra is the holy grail of foam enhancement. By adding as little as 5 ppm, Tetra Extract greatly improves foam stability, lacing, and can add protection against lightstruck flavors when used with other forms of light-stable alpha-acids. It is suggested to use after fermentation and before final filtration.

Alpha Extract is a concentrated, aqueous solution of alpha-acids, ideal for improving beer foam and lacing post-fermentation without contributing any added sensorial bitterness to the final product.


While all hop acids have varying levels of anti-microbial protection, beta-acids are by far the most powerful. The best beta-acid advanced hop product is Betabio 45%. Betabio 45% contains a concentrated form of natural beta-acid fractions from hop extract, and it can be used in the kettle for added protection against common beer spoilage organisms.

Hopsteiner’s popular line of advanced hop products is the result of years of collaboration among brewing professionals. Meticulous research and extensive trials have gone into achieving the perfect out-the-box tools to save time, money, and—most importantly—to stay ahead of consumer interests. From brewhouse to cellar, advanced hop products offer more convenience, consistency, and better overall efficiency for improving beer quality, no matter what size of brewery or batch.

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