Hopsteiner (Sponsored)

Discover Otherworldly Flavor with Alora™

You’re sure to craft the beer of your dreams with this out-of-this-world hop.

Brewing Outside the Box with Unique Hop Varieties

Dare to brew differently with varieties that will help separate your beers from the herd. Creative expression is the core of craft beer, and Hopsteiner is here to help you discover more ways to brew outside the box.

Advanced Hop Products: The Solutions You Want with the Flexibility You Need

With Hopsteiner’s range of advanced hop products, you can improve efficiency, boost aroma, dial in bitterness, improve foam stability, and more.

Commercially Available Hop Varieties with Reduced Carbon Footprint

Did you know that the carbon footprint of growing hops can vary widely from variety to variety? This means that brewers can select certain varieties for reduced environmental impact. View our presentation to learn more.

Big Benefits from Salvo™

Early adopters of Hopsteiner’s Salvo™ hop extract are enjoying its aroma benefits while yielding more beer from each batch.

Crowd-Craved Flavor Without Kettle-Crowding Vegetation

Hopsteiner Salvo™ is an aroma extract that preserves aromatic oils and beta acids while eliminating vegetal matter, leading to big aroma, low bitterness, and minimal beer loss.

Advanced Hop Products: Tools for Brewing Better Beer

From aroma boosters to antimicrobial protection and foam enhancers, there are a range of advanced hop products available to help you brew better beer, more efficiently.

Hop Oils: Innovated for Beer—and Beyond

Brewing smarter while diversifying the portfolio is the bottom line for most brewers, and hop oils are the perfect tool for that approach. Here’s why.