Joe Mohrfeld

Recipe: Pinthouse Electric Jellyfish

“Electric Jellyfish is a hazy, Austin-style IPA, focusing on the juicy hop flavor and aroma from our favorite farmers while keeping the bitterness balanced and refreshing,” says Joe Mohrfeld, brewmaster at Pinthouse Pizza and Brewing in Austin.

Video Tip: Constructing a Modern Hazy IPA

Pinthouse’s Joe Mohrfeld digs into the elements of brewing a great hazy IPA—including biotransformation, hop compounds, and a protein-rich grist. He also addresses differences in whirlpool hop additions in the home brewery versus commercial equipment.

Video Tip: Constructing a Modern West Coast–Style IPA

West Coast IPA has evolved. From building a pale grist with enough malt complexity to support the hops, to selecting hop varieties that combine the new with the classic, Pinthouse’s Joe Mohrfeld wallks us through the choices.

Video Tip: How to Rub & Evaluate Hops

Pinthouse’s Joe Mohrfeld explains his technique for rubbing and evaluating hops to seek out the aromas and flavors you want in your IPAs—and to avoid those you don’t.

Video Tip: The Terroir of Hops and Choosing the Best for Your Beers

Pinthouse’s Joe Mohrfeld discusses different forms of hops—from whole leaf to Cryo—and why the best hops available might not be the best for your own beers. He also explains a technique for getting the most out of harvest-fresh wet hops.

Full Video: Brewing Modern IPAs with Pinthouse

Join Pinthouse Pizza Brewmaster Joe Mohrfeld for a master class in getting the most out of hops to brew highest-quality, aroma- and flavor-forward IPAs.