John Holl

John Holl is the author of Drink Beer, Think Beer: Getting to the Bottom of Every Pint, and has worked for both Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® and All About Beer Magazine.

Breakout Brewer: Hudson Valley Brewery

With each new release in their sour IPA program, the brewers of Hudson Valley Brewery are bringing converts into the fold. They are blending down from an acidic beer base, going strong with botanicals, and using hops that convey more than just bitterness.

Breakout Brewer: Bearded Iris Brewing

A new generation of breweries has opened in Nashville recently Perhaps none is better known or more sought after than Bearded Iris Brewing, a hops-forward brewery that opened 3 years ago with three partners who aspire to continually innovate and grow.

Podcast Episode 93: Batch Brewing's Chris Sidwa: Keeping the Creative Spark Alive in Australia

When you’re more than 2,000 miles from the nearest country there’s a tendency to rely on all things local. That’s what Batch Brewing Co., a Sydney, Australia brewery has in mind when it is creating recipes.

In Defense of Woodruff Syrup

The current popularity of Berliner weisse has brought an endless supply of flavors to the low-ABV, tart wheat ale. This means woodruff syrup has been left behind. We need to keep the sweet green liquid part of our beer tradition, argues our senior editor.

Patience for a Pint: The Art and Science of the Slow Pour

It’s hard not to smile at a proper slow pour. A thick head of foam rises above the rim of the glass like a cloud trying to escape its liquid world. A number of breweries and beer bars are pushing the practice and creating converts with each new glass.

Submerged Beer in the South

A Florida brewery is making good use of local springs to age an IPA. For the third time, the brewery has dunked a barrel for an extended time and is ready to serve it to the masses.

The Continuing Evolution of Extreme Beer

It can be difficult to find new ways to innovate. That doesn’t mean breweries aren’t trying. Building on a tradition of taking beer past its existing boundaries, some brewers are exploring the oceans, forests, and beyond.

Podcast Episode 90: Root Down Brewing's Steve Bischoff: Developing the Great American Beer Festival American IPA Gold Medal Winner

Steve Bischoff, lead brewer at Root Down Brewing Co. knows a thing or two about traditional American IPA. Last year he won gold at the Great American Beer Festival in the category and nabbed best mid-side brewer and mid-size brewery in the process.

Brewed Spirits—The Next Beer Category to Explore?

How a brewer in the Midwest used a mash filter to create a beer that mimics bourbon and then decided to make a proper cocktail.

Beer Bars We Love in Montana, Indiana, and New York

In this edition of Lovehandles we explore The Dram Shop, JK O’Donnell’s, and Hand + Foot