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John Holl is the Senior Editor of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine®. Email tips and story suggestions to [email protected].

Podcast Episode 58: Hopworks Urban Brewery's Justin Miller: The Important Relationship Between Farm and Brewery

There's a lot to like about brewing in Portland, Oregon but for Justin Miller the Head Brewer of Hopworks Urban Brewery having access to terrific hop growers just a short drive away tops the list.

BY: John Holl

Local Breweries Helping While the Camp Fire in California Rages on

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. has stepped up with a relief fund for the fire, after its sprawling campus was threatened with destruction last week.

BY: John Holl

Beer Bars We Love in Minnesota, Colorado, and Scotland

Here are three beer bars that our correspondents examined in Issue 27 of Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine. Find the best pints in Minneapolis, Longmont, and Aberdeen with these Love Handles.

A Beer for That Leftover Candy Corn

Once a year the candy that resembles a vegetable takes over America. What was once confined to trick-or-treat bags is now finding its way into beer.

BY: John Holl

Podcast Episode 56: Founders' Dave Engbers: Is Founders the Last of the One Million Barrel Breweries?

Dave Engbers, the cofounder at Founders Brewing Company has learned a lot about brewing from both the beers he likes to drink, and how it's evolved to the way to keep the lights on.

BY: John Holl

2018 Halloween Candy and Beer Pairing

Here are some suggestions on the right style of beer to pair with all the different candy currently filling bowls and bags in your house.

BY: John Holl

Beercation: Nashville, Tennessee

The metro area is booming, with countless cranes on the horizon and traffic to match. Still, this city has managed to retain its Southern charm. The brewing industry has risen with the times. It’s time to go drinking in Nashville.

BY: John Holl

A Different Kind of Beer Boot

L.L. Bean, the boot, clothing, and outdoor gear company, partnered with a number of local breweries to highlight small-batch craftsmanship as well as their surroundings.

BY: John Holl

The Best 18 Beers of 2018

We were busy this past year tasting beers that were sent to our office, shared at a bar, brewery or pub, and poured at festivals around the world. It’s difficult but rewarding work and we’re pleased to present our editors picks for top beers of 2018.

Podcast Episode 54: The Best 18 Beers of 2018: A Peek Behind the Curtain on How Beers Are Selected

In this special edition of the podcast be among the first to hear the breweries who made the list and why, and get a peek behind the curtain on how beers are selected.